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The practice of meditation is in a growing trend, because people are more exhausted and more stressed these days, so they are looking for different ways of relaxation and one of them is meditation. As Eknath says, meditation is a technique which allows us to control our mind, releasing the big amount of thoughts, and finally becoming a relaxed person.

Meditation helps us to wake up from this sleeping state induced by automatic things and unconscious, allowing us to feel the possibilities of making our life better.

When you meditate you need to be conscious, to be conscious mean to pay your attention on a single thing, to analyze your thoughts one by one, but not to judge that think in a critical way. This kind of attention makes us more lucid and we will be part of reality, solving daily problems in a better way.

Meditation have endless benefits for us, we just have to be part of it!


What makes you a spiritual person ?!

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A spiritual person is not the one who is going to the church everyday, or the one who meditate daily. A spiritual person is someone who is good with him and the persons, the things around him.
When you say “spiritual person” many people thinks about someone who goes to church everyday. In reality is different, there are religious persons who doesn’t even go to church. Everything is about yourself, about how you handle things, about what you thinking about others, about the world. A spiritual person has to understand all things like one. A spiritual person has only love to share, nothing else.

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Relaxation music

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Browsing the web I found an incredible music video for meditation. You can listen this song before you go to sleep or when you want to meditate. It’s a calming piano song that can relax you instantaneous. Enjoy!

Meditation positions

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You’ve heard that it could be a way easy but great to chill your mindand the body, peace and joy. But its not too certain what is the very best position to use when meditating.

Lots of people claim that meditation positions are critical, some say which you ought to sit together with your legs crossed, your hands with palms facing up and so on.

The aim of this page would be to make you aware that even so you wish to position your self for meditation is fine, so long as you’re comfortable there is absolutely nothing wrong with how you position yourself.

You will find no appropriate or wrong approaches to meditate, be ready to experiment with diverse positions so that you are able to locate the 1 that makes you comfortable, for in case you are not comfortable, you’ll not have the ability to focus.

It is crucial to be comfy when meditating. If youre not comfortable, its not going to rest it. The relationship between the mind along with the body is powerful, so how you feel physically attempting to relax truly affect how you really feel emotionally and mentally too.

The traditional view of meditators sit cross, legs in Lotus position completes. This returns to the tradition of yoga and has its roots in that discipline something all yogic.

Although they don’t will need to sit down in that way to meditate. You can sit in a Chair, while you’re comfy and your spine is relatively straight and vertical. It is this vertical session that will help to maintain alert while you might be relaxing and its comfy which will allow you to relax although your stay alert in your way on how to meditate .

However, also you are able to meditate lying down. The caveat here is that this is much more likely that they lead to you stay asleep, so this could very best be saved for meditating through the night in bed prior to going to sleep. The truth is, this could be a extremely profound way to meditate if falling asleep isn’t a issue.

Nevertheless, say that the majority of the time prefer to sit upright. My individual preference would be to sit on my bed, with two big cushions behind me and my legs in front of me in the Middle, in Lotus position.

However, regardless of what position decides to make use of to meditate, comfort should be your primary priority.

The half lotus position is favoured by a great deal of people since it supports the spine, to use this position, sit along with your legs crossed, hands resting on the top of your knees, your palms facing down, this signifies touching the earth, it envokes the earth as a witness to your living with wisdom.

Your palms can also be facing up, this signifies receptivity, you’re remaining open to whatever unfolds.

One hand rests on the other, fingers overlapping, the significance is calmness and stillness are contributing to the unwavering mind.

yet another position for the hands is to have the thumb and forefinger touching, this signifies interconnection, every thing relates and connects to every thing else; this symbolizes the unity of all things.

The prayer position is an additional way in which it is possible to location your hands, the palms and fingers are aligned together, this signifies you’re paying tribute to infinite presence of life that is so much higher than your own individual existence.

Touching the elements is a reclining postion with the palms facing up, this signifies feeling moment to moment your experience with the elements of earth, water, fire and air.

Yet another way to position your self for meditation is to lay on the best side of your body (this helps with digestion) along with your left leg on leading of the correct one, your head resting on your right palm (bent forearm and elbow on the floor), legs out straight, the lower leg maintaining excellent contact with the floor. Alternatively, you could have your knees bent and your heels drawn towards your buttocks.

Be conscious that this position tends to encourage you to fall asleep, it truly is an excellent position for those that have pain inside the body.

In case you do walking meditation, the upper half of your body is held in the very same way as the sitting position, the hands can be placed within the shielded fist position, which is common in martial arts, the left hand covers the proper fist at waist level.

You need to ensure that you simply are not moving to slowly so as not to be put in a trance and not too fast so that it becomes distracting to you.

Here are only forms of meditation positions, they where put on this page to assist you get began.